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Heroes of the Storm – is a fun and accessible MOBA (game massively online Battle Arena) for all audiences. When Dota 2 and League of Legends (LoL) has established a reputation for high-barrier to entry for new entrants or, hotsit aims to open its doors to all, although only time will tell whether he can maintain this menggalakkanRabu.

As in the main game, you can free download Heroes of the Storm with micropaymentsextra for additional functionality.


Many attractions Dota 2 and lols (jikaadalah the correctterm) coming from the steep learning curve of their basic concepts. This gives them special enough to learn their arrogant sense of superiority, but did little to expand their audience. Instead, you can choose to Heroes of the Storm after 20 minutes beberapapermainan.

At first glance, Heroes of the Storm seems to be a copy of their competitors.The action takes place jam and pits two teams of five players against each. The goal of each team is simple; Attack the enemy towers, while protecting them sendiri.Sehingganow, it is standard.

But differences began to emerge when the game deviates from the standard template. Similarly, Super Smash Bros. – a game in which the star is the most popular Nintendos, Heroes of the Storm – is a Blizzard game. This means bahawawatak characters taken from the Worldof Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, and names are less known.

Although it may sound as if it is chaotic, it really works. This is due to the fact that Blizzard can take all these characters and their great variety of skills, danmewujudkanbalance between the two. No matter what combination of characters in the team, it works great.

Heroes of the Storm has a good selection of cards (this may not seem like a big point but Dota2and LoL there is only one). Each map is dynamic, with razlichnymiSobytiya, which occurred during clashes between the two. This makes an interesting card because the objectives and the situation is constantly changing. This prevents the repetition of actions, even after the game.

Another result of dynamic maps yangpemainone can not lead a team. Although experts may be responsible for the primary purpose of capturing the enemy towers, still can add new team tactics, givefocus on secondary objectives. All considered.

immediate resistance

keseluruhankepentingan each player is reflected in the experience of the system, with all the awards are distributed equally among the members. For some people this may seem unfair, but it does not mean that players are less experienced or less in line do not get frustrated because they sentiasadipukulpoints.

All this combines to make a very different experience MOBA. Vice versaevery game is a vicious competition (with other disabilities igrokamiRugaya you on every occasion), Heroes of the Storm encourage the inclusion mesrasetiap team member which adds to the pressure. This makes it a more pleasant experience for beginners and less loyal players.

Blizzard has developed Heroes of the Storm to create a quick and engaging games. This applies throughout the game, with pesatjodoh and fierce battle. Althoughthe character’s skillsyou are not locked from the start. Although you can pay to customize polnomochiyaS different effects as you level, the ability to keep the same basis.

To help register your speed, the Heroes of the Storm has an excellent tutorial. This will not only teach you everything you need to know, but also adds a bit of historical context to unite all Blizzard invention.

Unfortunately, not all easy. Price to open a character-wataklebih higher than in otherMOBA, and coating virtual money lasts forever.You have two options: buy a watch or pay real money.

Graphically, Heroes of the Storm is amazing. The characters are full of great details that convey their origins, and each stage dripping with color and originality. There are problems with this bright world, although some iconic characters (especially the villains) lost much of its influence.

My first MOBA

Heroes of the Storm – is a MOBA for all penonton.Jikayou’ve taken to LoLIli Dota 2, but do not have the patience or the thick skin to get into it, thenthis solution. Win or lose, you know, and even if for some reason you do not like, you’re still going to have fun.

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